Beyond Vision

We Go Above and Beyond


CNC Machining – CNC Turning – Sawing – High Speed CNC Drill and Tap – Manual Machining – ID Keyway or Spline Broaching – Laser Non-Metallic Cut and Etching


  • ISO 9001 Certified Since 2002
  • Programmable CMM Accurate to .0005″
  • SPC (Statistical Process Control) Capable

Our employees are unique, and so are our machining services.

When considering which machine shop to work with, the first thought is capability. Does the supplier have the right equipment? Do they have a solid track record? Our manufacturing processes and abilities are similar to competitors. Beyond Vision goes the extra mile to offer more than on-time delivery and scalable production.

Quality is every shop’s focus, the same is true at Beyond Vision. Our dedicated quality team ensures the best outcomes from concept to execution. Accommodating our unique workforce ensures following policies, work instructions, processes, and high standards to continually provide customers the best results.

We innovate creative solutions unique for each customer. Our engineers develop adaptive tools and fixtures for our employees who are blind to ensure safety and high quality. In-house 3D Printing allows us even greater flexibility and the option to test several approaches to create efficient and robust processes.

As our engineers review customer drawings, they identify opportunities for quality improvement. These improvements may also lead to cost reductions for our customers. The focus is always on utilizing lean manufacturing practices for the best results. Following manufacturing best practices also make machining work accessible to people who are blind.

Where we step beyond is through our secondary services. Beyond Vision doesn’t just machine a part and move on. We offer you the full spectrum of outsourcing services for your projects. Start with a concept, we’ll help you engineer the production process. Is your Purchasing team overwhelmed? We are able to source the materials to make your project a reality. Once the parts are finished, you don’t have to ship them to another facility for packaging. We’ll handle it.

We don’t look at a PO like a one-and-done project. Your work is our work. Every project is a partnership. A partnership that advances our mission as a fully self-funded, social enterprise to create employment opportunities for people who are blind. Let’s work together!

Cary, a Beyond Vision Employee operating a machine.


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