Beyond Vision

Machine Shop Opened in 1958

While doing research into our history, we came across this article from The Milwaukee Sentinel published on December 3rd, 1958. It’s wonderful to know that we’ve been able to offer careers in our machine shop for people who are blind or visually impaired for all these years!

Over the years, we have continuously adopted new technologies that expand our service offerings. If you’ve never been on a tour, or it’s been a while, sign up for one now. You’ll be impressed with what you learn.

Our team works in an integrated work environment, side-by-side with sighted employees, earning competitive wages. Every employee has the opportunity to advance in their career. This encourages great employee retention! And that translates to high quality workmanship and skill.

Do you need to outsource some work? Be sure you contact us for a quote. Not only will you potentially qualify for a 5% State of Wisconsin tax credit, you will be helping employ people who are blind or visually impaired.

Clipping of an article about the new machine shop from the Milwaukee Sentinel, December 3, 1958