Beyond Vision

Employee Stories

Photos of Tony Creapeau smiling and wearing a white polo in the Beyond Vision open office area.

Tony Creapeau 

Tony has countless professional achievements. However, one of Tony’s most significant achievements is being the first blind individual to be a part of Beyond Vision’s IT Team…

Photo of Pah Jaw standing in our manufacturing area.

Pah Jaw 

Pah Jaw holds a strong trait of being a protector towards his friends and family. Pah was born and raised in Burma. At the age of 18, Pah became a protector, fighter and soldier, protecting the Karen people…

Photo of Julius wearing a bright red Beyond Vision polo shirt.

Julius Perez 

Julius Perez considers coming to work at Beyond Vision a meant-to-be accident that saved his life. His path to Beyond Vision had several twists and turns. Born with congenital glaucoma, Julius was never passive…

Photo of Sophia Kipp in Beyond Vision's manufacturing area.

Sophia Kipp 

“She’s tiny, but has a huge heart!” Says, one of her fellow co-workers. Sophia Kipp has been an inspiring and fun individual to many at Beyond Vision and has created a family bond with many of her co-workers…