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a black and white picture from the 1930s with a room where men in overalls are weaving baskets. At one end of the room there are stacks of baskets that are completed.Beyond Vision was established in 1903 as the “Wisconsin Workshop for the Blind”. Over the past century, the company has evolved and made the first successful transition from State agency to a private not-for-profit company in 1985. Beyond Vision is not a United Way agency and does not receive any operational federal, local or state funding other than through project specific grant requests. Beyond Vision’s sources of operational funding primarily consist of revenues from manufacturing. We have excellent long-standing relationships with local customers such as Briggs & Stratton, Harley Davidson, Pentair, P&H, Morris Material Handling, and Oshkosh Truck.  Our employees enjoy earning market competitive wages with excellent benefits, and opportunities for continual career advancement.

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