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Solution Focus

Beyond Vision Offers a Solution Focus

Problems / Solutions / Results

Beyond Vision’s Customer Care Center is more than the typical call center. We are focused on finding solutions to our customer’s problems. For example:

PROBLEM: “Our customers do not take advantage of the extended warranty when their factory warranty expires.”
SOLUTION: A courtesy call to customers prior to warranty expiration.
RESULT: Customer reports significant increase to purchases of extended warranties.

PROBLEM: “We have a difficult time finding subcontractors in regions we have not worked in previously. We don’t have the bandwidth to initially screen subcontractors.”
SOLUTION: We obtained lists of subcontractors, contacted them, and screened them.
RESULT: Increase in the pool of potential subcontractors.

PROBLEM: “Our business development people are spending too much time on customer service and not on prospecting. But we are not ready to hire a full-time customer service professional.”
SOLUTION: Two of Beyond Vision’s Customer Care Agents are being trained to do specific customer service for existing accounts.
RESULT: Business development team is able to focus on developing new, strategic accounts.

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