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Brand Voice

Where is your brand’s voice?

Every time one of your employees answers the phone, they’re your brand.  If you are outsourcing services, they are representing your brand and should be using your brand’s voice. At Beyond Vision, we take your brand’s voice seriously.


Beyond Vision Uses Your Brand’s Voice

You can find all kinds of advice about brand voice. What you need is to know your brand. Identify the elements of your brand that make it unique. It’s like identifying your personality! It requires some reflection, value assessments and an honest answer. The Beyond Vision team has customers come in and interact with them directly. This is to get to know your company, your goals and your voice.

A crowd of people are standing in the Beyond Vision Customer Care Center, a number of whom are blind.

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If you are outsourcing any of your calling or phone services, have they had a discussion about your brand? At Beyond Vision we take our role as your call center partner very seriously. Consistency of your brand’s voice is what we want to provide. And that goes beyond a script. We take the time to understand what your company’s perspective is and how we can best reflect that on the phone with customers.

Perception is important. How many times have you called a customer service line and known that the person on the other line didn’t even care what the company was that you were talking about? It makes you feel like your call doesn’t matter. Beyond Vision highlights your brand and makes every call experience the most positive it can be.

When we manage a call campaign, we also make sure to reassess and evaluate. And we communicate that with you. It will help you as you “tune” your brand’s voice.