Beyond Vision

Call Overflow

call center overflow – Additional traffic beyond the capacity of a specific trunk group, agent group, phone system or call center. This traffic can be redirected or ignored, depending on the design specifications of the system.” PC Magazine Encyclopedia, 2017 

Beyond Vision Can Take Control of Your Overflow!

Jim Tess, Customer Care Specialist, sits in front of a computer smiling out at the camera.Additional call traffic is great. Calls being missed is a problem! Anyone would define that as a lost opportunity. Beyond Vision can prevent this from happening to you.  If your company has times when overflow occurs, you should contact us to discuss how we can help.

One of your first concerns with outsourcing will be quality of service. Our team of customer care representatives receive thorough training in your company’s scripts, products and/or services before a campaign will even begin. This allows our representatives to perform as your brand’s voice. When we pick up the phone, we ARE your company.

Beyond Vision’s team also adjusts and improves throughout your campaign. Continual reporting allows us to help you identify opportunities to add new scripting for different situations that we see trending. As we address your customer’s needs we share what we learn with you to help find ways to simplify your process and keep your customers happy.

Our mission of creating employment opportunities for people who are blind recognizes that it can be difficult for people with disabilities to find jobs. Because of that issue, we have a very high caliber of talent, many of whom have college degrees. This also creates consistency in our staff, we have a very low turnover rate. Our employees stay and are passionate about their work. They can share their talent, experience and passion with your company. And you can help support our mission!