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What is NDEAM?

National Disability Employment Awareness Month logo with a wheelchair, deaf and blind icon.National Disability Employment Awareness Month is recognized
every October by Presidential Proclamation and the Department of Labor.

What does it mean?



Beyond Vision Offers Independence

Since 1945, October has been recognized as National Disability Employment Awareness Month. For 2017, the Department of Labor has chosen the theme “Inclusion Drives Innovation”.  In President Trump’s Proclamation, he notes, “Many Americans with disabilities struggle to find employment opportunities, despite the wealth of skills they have to offer.  In 2016, only 27.7 percent of working-age Americans with disabilities were employed.  More employers should recognize the fresh perspectives and skills these men and women can add to an innovation-focused workforce.  They are an incredible asset to our economy. ”

Headshot of Steven Gastreich smiling, wearing a headset at a computer.Before finding Beyond Vision, Steven Gastreich spent several years trying to find a job, even with a college degree. Many potential employers weren’t able to provide assistive technology that worked with their systems. As a person who is fully blind, Steven has built a fulfilling career over the past 8 years at Beyond Vision.

Because he had access to employment, Steven lives independently and is now a home owner. In his work life, he has a tremendous sense of personal dedication for customer care projects that he works on.


And he brings a great energy to his team, “All of us have something unique to bring to the table.  And, I do not think that it is possible to be a successful team if you can’t have some fun along the way.  Sometimes, it is great to relieve stress by telling a joke.  And a Friday in the Fall always goes better with a Packer Party on our lunch break.”

The work that Beyond Vision does for customers provides people who are blind or visually impaired more than a  job. It is a positive work environment and “runway” for them not only to land, but to take off in their career. Each of our customers help support that possibility.

Learn more about Steven’s career journey here.

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Beyond Vision’s skilled operators have the ability to amplify the effectiveness of your efforts.

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