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Giving Tuesday


Photo of PangNhia Xiong using envision glasses to read a citytin coaster in the Assembly & Packaging department at Beyond Vision

“For individuals already using a smartphone, learning to use the Envision glasses is simple because you are using similar hand motions. Having the Envision Glasses frees up your hands when looking for and grabbing items back to your work station or other work areas.” – PangNhia Xiong

Photo of Israel Cazares-Zurita identifying a $20 bill with the help of Envision glasses.

“The Envision glasses enable me to obtain hands-free visual information.” – Israel Cazares-Zurita

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We believe every person who is blind should have the same opportunity for a meaningful career as those who are typically sighted. You can help us to provide advanced assistive technologies to our blind and visually impaired employees, increasing their self-reliance and upward career mobility. Are you with us?

This year for Giving Tuesday we are raising funds to boost Beyond Vision’s Workforce Training and Development program with individualized training and the purchase of 10 pairs of Envision glasses.  Envision glasses combine GoogleGlass hardware with innovative assistive technology created by Envision. With these glasses, a person who is blind can significantly improve their navigation both within and outside of the workplace, hands free.

Beyond Vision has been trialing two pairs of Envision glasses and the feedback from employees has been overwhelmingly positive.

This year, we are very fortunate to have a $10,000 match from Old National Bank. Double your donation by giving today!




More about Envision glasses:

Lightweight design, with a camera and direct speaker, Envision Glasses speak out text and environmental information, recognizes faces, QR codes, light, and colors, and lets the user share that information. The glasses dictate any short text that’s in front of the user with Instant Text and turn any kind of long-form text into speech with Scan Text. With Describe Scene and Explore the user can identify light sources, cash notes and colors, find objects and known people, even in a crowd.

The Envision Glasses open up a world of independence, but sometimes everyone needs to call a friend, coworker or family member. With the Ally video call feature, the user can make handsfree video calls, where the person called can view what the glasses see and help to navigate or describe a scene.

Thank you, to our matching donor:

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