Beyond Vision

Briggs & Stratton Partnership

Briggs & Stratton and Beyond Vision Relationship Dates to 1930’s

Beyond Vision can trace its relationship to Briggs & Stratton Corporation to at least the 1930s when Briggs enlisted help to assemble nuts, locks and washers on terminal blocks for Ford Model T switches.

Since then, Briggs has been a vital part of Beyond Vision’s growth and the expansion of its mission to provide meaningful and sustainable employment for people who are blind.

A man in his fifties is sitting at a high stool in front of some bins on a table. He is bald and has a white mustache. His shoes are very shiny black dress shoes and he has on some dress pants, a collared shirt, tie, suspenders and his sleeves rolled up above his elbows. There is a large, wide bin to his left and three other bins with small metal parts flowing out of them and he holding some parts in his hands.

In the past seven decades, whenever the nation’s business was at its lowest ebb, when it was almost impossible to find a ray of hope or a word of encouragement anywhere, when some companies doubted the performance abilities of people who are blind, Briggs stepped up and endorsed the workmanship and dependability of products assembled by our employees. Briggs started in 1908, Beyond Vision in 1903. For most of its history, Beyond Vision has considered Briggs a strong partner in advancing the capabilities of a blind workforce.

Even the missions of the two companies align.   Briggs and Stratton’s mission states, “We will make work easier and improve lives by providing innovative products, diverse power solutions and a superior support network.” Beyond Vision “enriches the lives of people who are blind…through the dignity of work valued by customers and the community.” Briggs supplies work and Beyond Vision gives employees power!

Through the years, hundreds of people who are blind have worked on Briggs products at Beyond Vision. In the last five years, Beyond Vision has a significant amount of Briggs work, many of the following are packaged to be sold in retail stores as replacement/repair kits, including:

  • Fuel Hose Assembly
  • Pre-Pack Carb Kit
  • Disk Assembly
  • Spindle Shaft Assembly
  • Hub Drive Disk Kit
  • Arbor Shaft and Bearing Assembly
  • Drag Link Assembly
  • Grass Bag Assembly

Two men standing by a table are holding Briggs & Stratton parts and smiling.Since 2009, Briggs has also helped Beyond Vision philanthropically as well. This support is critical to the fulfillment of the Beyond Vision mission to give people who are blind the power of work. While our employees can match the quality and dependability of sighted counterparts, some need extra help being trained and may require special adaptations to work efficiently. Beyond Vision uses these critical Briggs donations to provide employees with computer skills, shop math and other specific training needs.

For many years Briggs has been a significant donor to Beyond Vision in support of our mission. Every single dollar donated has been used to provide meaningful and sustainable employment to people who are blind. And we can use much more to continue our workforce development and help to reduce the 70% unemployment rate for people who are blind.

Briggs’ philanthropic support of Beyond Vision goes beyond money.  Donald Klenk, VP of Operations, Turf & Construction Production Group has served on Beyond Vision’s Board of Directors since February of 2009.  Through the years, this volunteer service has meant hundreds of hours providing insight, guidance and fiduciary responsibility as Beyond Vision continues to expand its mission.  Don’s voice and experience are extremely valuable in support of Beyond Vision’s strategy and mission to provide employment opportunities to Americans who are blind.