About Beyond VisionBeyond Vision was established in 1903 as the “Wisconsin Workshop for the Blind”. Over its 108-year history, the company has evolved and made the first successful transition from State agency to a private not-for-profit company in 1985. Beyond Vision is not a United Way agency and does not receive any operational federal, local or state funding other than through project specific grant requests. Beyond Vision’s sources of operational funding primarily consist of revenues from manufacturing. We have excellent long-standing relationships with local customers such as Briggs and Stratton, Harley Davidson, Pentair, P&H, Morris Material Handling, and Oshkosh Truck.

With more than 100 years of manufacturing in Wisconsin Beyond Vision has established significant business relationships throughout the state, and is dedicated to sourcing those products that are crucial to our business within the State.  Below you’ll see a visual representation of vendor/suppliers, which Beyond Vision uses within Wisconsin.  Though we’re only a small organization, we bring a big economic multiplier to Wisconsin.

Furthermore, Beyond Vision manufactures and sells products that are sold nationwide – many of which end up being used internationally by our federal government customers.   Below is a visual representation of customers that Beyond Vision supplies with manufactured goods nationwide.

Wisconsin Map

Whether it’s a computer privacy shield that keeps medical information private in a Veteran’s Administration hospital or a machined armor plate on a military vehicle in the Middle East, Beyond Vision is continuing Wisconsin’s long heritage of providing quality manufactured goods to customers at home and abroad.

U.S. Map

Beyond Vision is ISO 9001:2008 certified and utilizes lean manufacturing processes to insure the highest quality in our products and services. We offer employee training that begins with an evaluation of baseline skill levels and the ability to objectively match the worker with the job skills necessary to meet customer requirements.  Our employees have a feeling of success, an increased awareness of the importance of a job well done as well as a heightened level of pride and independence.  In addition, the jobs that Beyond Vision provides to individuals who are blind reduce dependence on entitlement programs, which many employees would otherwise rely on.  Reducing the dependence on entitlement programs at the national and state level reduces tax burden and helps allow Wisconsin and the nation foster a pro-business climate.

Satisfied Customers

Briggs and Stratton
Oshkosh Truck Corp.
P&H - Division of Joy-Global

Phoenix Products

Accessory 3
State of Wisconsin-Dept. of Treasury
University of Wisconsin
Morris Material Handling

Central Aquatics
General Automotive

General Services Administration
Defense Logistics Agency
Department of Defense

SP Richards
Associated Industries for the Blind

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