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Our People are Your Solution

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Stop Struggling with staffing. Outsource.

We understand that it can be difficult to find skilled labor. Companies are fighting for talent. This also means it is getting more difficult to meet deadlines. Don’t let your production fall behind.

Among people with vision loss, there is a 70% jobless rate. We have a huge pool of people looking to work. Beyond Vision has a talented workforce and the resources to take on your overflow.  We apply best practices in all we do:

Adaptive Technology
Talking Scales, Label Readers, Audible Micrometers, Audible CNC machines, 3D Printed Adaptations, Screen Reading Software and Screen Magnification

Lean Manufacturing Principles
5S System, Poka-Yoke, JIT, Cell-Manufacturing, Kaizen, Value Stream Mapping, Kanban

We can be part of your solution, let our team be your team!
Outsourcing work to Beyond Vision’s Machine Shop or Assembly & Packaging makes sense. Top quality, on-time delivery and you support our mission of employing people who are blind. All while potentially receiving a 5% State of Wisconsin Tax Credit. Fill out the form for a tour today!

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