Beyond Vision

Thanksgiving 2016

A Thanksgiving Thank you from Sophia Kipp, Beyond Vision Employee of the Year 2016 – 

Sophie smiles as she wears safety shields on some dark glasses. She has her dark hair pulled back and has dimples. When asked what she’s thankful for, she simply replied, “Two things. My family first and then my job.” Without your involvement, many of our employees wouldn’t have been able to achieve what they have today.

We are all thankful for your support. Please remember to donate on Giving Tuesday. You #givingtuesday logo, the date is 11.29.2016, with a donate now button below itallow us to continue to enrich the lives of Americans who are blind through the dignity of work valued by customers and the community.

About Sophia:

Sophia sits at a work desk with some tools and shelves with boxes behind her. She is wearing a pinks shirt and dark glasses with a friendly smile.Diagnosed with retinis pigmentosa in her twenties, Sophia worked in various assembly and machining jobs until 2010, when her husband read an article about Beyond Vision. Unaware that any employer focused on employing people with vision impairment, Sophia visited the agency, applied for a position and, drawing on her previous work experience, hit the ground running. Sophia produces quality work in any position, but truly excels in assembling privacy filters, earning her the nickname “Queen of the Privacy Filter Room.” A member of the Quality Work Environment Team, Sophia keeps the environment fun and light while encouraging her co-workers to give their best. Outside of work, she loves spending time with her family.