Beyond Vision

Beyond Vision Machining ISO 9001

Beyond Vision’s machine shop is a critical component of our operations. We manufacture precision components and parts for various industries. ISO 9001 is a quality management standard that provides a framework for organizations to consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements. We use ISO 9001 in our machine shop in the following ways:

  1. Quality Management System: Beyond Vision has established a quality management system (QMS) based on ISO 9001 that covers all aspects of their machine shop operations. The QMS includes documented procedures, policies, and work instructions that define how products are manufactured to meet customer requirements.
  2. Process Control: Beyond Vision has implemented a process control system that ensures that each step of the manufacturing process is performed correctly and consistently. The process control system includes process flow diagrams, process instructions, and quality checks at each stage of the process.
  3. Calibration and Maintenance: Beyond Vision has a program for the calibration and maintenance of their machines and equipment to ensure that they operate within their specified tolerances. This includes regular inspection, calibration, and maintenance of equipment to minimize errors and ensure consistency in the manufacturing process.
  4. Employee Training: Beyond Vision provides regular training to our machine shop personnel on the ISO 9001 requirements, procedures, and work instructions. This ensures that employees understand their roles and responsibilities in the manufacturing process and are capable of performing their duties effectively.
  5. Continuous Improvement: Beyond Vision uses the continuous improvement approach to ensure that our manufacturing processes are always improving. This includes regular monitoring of key performance indicators, analyzing customer feedback, and implementing corrective and preventive actions when necessary.

By using ISO 9001 in our machine shop operations, we are able to provide high-quality precision components and parts that meet customer requirements, minimize defects, and improve efficiency. The use of ISO 9001 in our machine shop also helps us to maintain consistency and standardization across our operations, reducing the risk of errors and increasing customer satisfaction.