Beyond Vision

Sophia Kipp

Photo of Sophia Kipp in Beyond Vision's manufacturing area.

Sophia Kipp

“She’s tiny, but has a huge heart!” Says, one of her fellow co-workers. Sophia Kipp has been an inspiring and fun individual to many at Beyond Vision and has created a family bond with many of her co-workers. Diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa in her twenties, Sophia worked in various assembly and machining jobs until 2010, when her husband read an article about Beyond Vision. Since then, Sophia has enjoyed feeling a sense of belonging and joy while working at Beyond Vision in Assembly and Packaging.

Sophia carries out a natural professional talent of striving to do the best she can every day. In addition to this, Sophia holds a pride and joy in cooking Mexican food for her family.

Sophia’s favorite job is being on the Auto-baggers. Sophia states that, being on the auto baggers gives her a chance to bag up various raw materials all day long and eventually you find a rhythm you must try to keep up with. Sophia comes to work with a great attitude of willingness to work and her favorite part about her job is the people she works with. She feels like she has a family at Beyond Vision. Sophia said, “On my first day after work, I went home and cried because I was able to work again. I never knew that there was a place like Beyond Vision, who would provide a workplace for people who are blind and provide the accessibility tools needed to make me successful in my job.”

A piece of advice Sophia likes to share with others is, “Don’t give up because you always have a place. And be proud of yourself because you know you can do anything.”