Beyond Vision

Jim Kerlin


Black and white photo of Jim Kerlin smiling and wearing a bright red suit

Jim Kerlin

Introducing the driving force behind Beyond Vision’s mission to provide employment opportunities to people who are blind – our President & CEO, Jim Kerlin! Applying his servant-leadership beliefs and strong work ethic, Jim has been instrumental in breaking the barrier of the staggering 70% unemployment rate for individuals who are blind.

Jim’s passion for the cause is evident in his relentless efforts to find a bigger home for Beyond Vision to expand. Working alongside many partners, Jim, the Beyond Vision team and board members brainstormed ideas to make this vision a reality. In spite of numerous obstacles along the way, Jim never lost sight of the goal. Due to this hard work, Beyond Vision finally found our new home in West Allis, WI. We celebrated this accomplishment with our Grand Opening in October 2022.

Leading Beyond Vision for over 15 years, Jim firmly believes that with accessibility tools, training, and opportunities, individuals who are blind can do anything their sighted counterparts can do. He emphasizes the commitment and capabilities of Beyond Vision’s workforce, who continually deliver quality products and services to customers.

Jim’s inspirational story is a testament to the potential and possibilities of individuals who are blind. He humbly shares a quote that reflects his belief that those who are blind see the world differently but are equally capable – “People who are blind can see; they just see differently. Our eyes are only one pathway of information for our brain to allow us to see.”

Jim’s visionary leadership has paved the way for Beyond Vision’s success, and this legacy will have an impact on generations to come. As Helen Keller once said, “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.” And as Scott Hamilton aptly put it, “The only disability in life is a bad attitude.”