Beyond Vision

Be The Spark

Students stand in a large group listening to Mary and List talk about screen reader technology.


On Wednesday, May 23rd, Beyond Vision hosted 25 MPS students from Milwaukee Sign Language School.  It was a great experience!

The MMAC’s Council of Small Business Executives (COSBE) created “Be The Spark” tours of area businesses in 2014. The goal is for area 7th graders to experience the variety of potential career paths they have available to them.

“The ‘Be the Spark’ program gives kids a chance to learn not only what a company makes and does, but also what it takes to get those jobs,” said Stephanie Hall, COSBE executive director. “COSBE is dedicated to helping our region ensure a strong and sustainable workforce. The key to the success of
our businesses – and the entire region – is building a pipeline of future talent.”

At each stop during their Beyond Vision visit, student were introduced to an employee, given an overview of their role and their department. Students also learned about each person’s career path and education. They were very interested in the process of how each person got to where they are. That curiosity was very motivating. As the program intends, it gave students ideas on how to achieve their own dreams or identify a career that they would enjoy.

Want to learn more about the tours? Search #COSBEspark on social media or visit our LinkedIn page!


A man shows students how he measures machine parts using lasers and a screen with magnification. A group of students listen as a tall man talks to them in a machine shop. students lean over some assembly parts bins as a young man with glasses shows them how the work is done.