Beyond Vision

Gene Hubbard 2019

Gene Hubbard

Gene was nominated for the 2019 Milton J. Samuelson Career Achievement Award. The Samuelson Award is presented to an individual who demonstrates career advancement at an NIB associated agency or in the private sector.  The award was named for the late Milton J. Samuelson, who championed upward mobility and placement programs for people who are blind.

Gene was hired at Beyond Vision in December of 1994. He began work in Assembly and Packaging and stayed there for 6 years. Today, Gene is the lead training coordinator for Beyond Vision and is instrumental in generating good process and clear work instructions. Gene is responsible for training most of the production workforce at Beyond Vision, both sighted and blind. He has a sincere eagerness to learn new tasks. When workplace challenges arise, he is often one of the first to step up and offer solutions.

Early in Gene’s tenure at Beyond Vision, he played a crucial role in the ISO Certification process and integration. He has helped with identifying and developing new processes – Gene is key in ensuring that all our processes at Beyond Vision are fully accessible to all employees.

Gene has a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in blind rehabilitation education. He currently serves on the accessibility committee at Beyond Vision where he works to continually works to create a work environment accessible to all needs and abilities.

You may also recognize Gene from the MCTS video that showed bus drivers in acts of kindness.

Gene smiles in front of the Beyond Vision entrance

Gene is using a laser cutter to make a mat