Beyond Vision


We had a wonderful time celebrating Gale Klatt’s retirement.


An area of a warehouse is crowded with many people around a worktable. They are clapping and smiling as a tall man stands in the center of the crowd.

The whole crew got together to enjoy some cake and wish Gale well!


Gale has been part of Beyond Vision since 1985!


On the left, Gale stands laughing with Jackie in the center and her guide dog Valley and Jim Kerlin is on the right talking, smiling and holding a jacket.

As a special surprise, Jim presented Gale with a Beyond Vision jacket.


On the left, Jim Kerlin, center is Gale holding a black jacket with his name on it and on the right is Ron Howski. They are all smiling.

The Team in the Machine Shop will miss you, Gale!


A group of men stand closely together around Gale. They are all smiling happily.