Beyond Vision

Developing Future Leaders

Beyond Vision is constantly looking to develop our future leaders. This past winter, We assembled 12 key members of our organization to participate in a “Fundamentals of Leadership” course. The participants were employees from every level and function of our organization. This included team members from our BSC stores, Quality and Engineering, HR, Fund Development, Production Managers, Assembly & Packaging and more. More importantly, it included both sighted and visually impaired members of our team. It was an inclusive and integrated class.

The five, 2 hour long sessions focused on topics such as servant leadership, principles of leadership, mindful listening and much more. The class was taught by Ron Morey of Profound Results Consulting  and held virtually over Zoom. The participants received a certificate of completion once the course was completed. The training was a transformational experience for all who participated!

Zoom meeting with Twelve employees who finished a Fundamentals of Leadership course that focused on Servant Leadership.


This is just another example of how your donations to Beyond Vision help develop people who are blind into the future leaders of our community. If you are interested in learning how your gift to Beyond Vision can impact the lives of people who are blind, please contact Nick Czaplewski

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