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Beyond Vision Announces New Customer Service Support for Assembly, Packaging and Machine Shop Customers

Ruben and DeLonna stand in the lobby by the Beyond Vision sign. He is smiling and wearing a red polo. DeLonna is laughing wearing a gold top with black sweater, glasses and long dark hair.

Our customers are busy. That’s why we are. When a customer has a question, we want to handle it immediately. In order to keep ahead of our customers needs, Beyond Vision decided it was time to expand customer support options. Linda Hapka, Beyond Vision Sales & Mission Development, said, “We wanted to ensure that Machine Shop, Assembly and Packaging customers were getting attentive, quality customer service.” 

The decision was also made easier because we already had a talented staff in our Customer Care Center. Why not use our own resources and promote employees with vision loss into a new role? DeLonna Williams and Ruben Rodriguez were promoted into the role of Customer Service Specialist and it is well deserved! Each of them has strong experience in customer service roles. Delonna has worked in other call centers, the DNR and hospitals enjoying providing customer service. And you can feel her enthusiasm when you call. Ruben Rodriguez shared,“The CSR position has offered me an opportunity to grow professionally and I look forward to the challenges. Our customers will know their needs are in safe hands with DeLonna and I.” Ruben Rodriguez

Dedicated to Your: Expedites – Purchase Orders – Order Placement – Tracking – Updates – Questions – Your Customer Resource

“My eye condition, which causes my visual impairment, does not discourage me but pushes me to be the best I can be.” – DeLonna Williams

Each of them has been through a significant training program to make sure that they are confident in the information that they provide customers and the methods to quickly answer questions. You may have already spoken with them.

The Extra Benefits:

  • direct resource for all your needs,
  • Knowledgeable people able to handle all your questions,
  • Representatives that listen  to your situation and understand your needs,
  • Helpful people that want to problem solve with you,
  • Cross trained team that recognize order progress,
  • Friendly people that want to support YOU!


DeLonna and Ruben sit at a table in an office. They are discussing some paperwork they have spread on the table..

Update your contact list with their info:

DeLonna Williams
Customer Service Representative

Phone: 414-778-5800 ext.5828
Direct: 414-758-2723




We’d be happy to offer your business the same level of service we offer to our customers. Learn more about our Customer Care Center.