Beyond Vision

George Washington

George Washington

George Washington has worked in our Assembly and Packaging department since 1994. Throughout his life, George has worked at other organizations. However, once he came to Beyond Vision everything seemed to fit. George fell in love with our mission, the work he gets to do and the people he is surrounded by. Beyond Vision also gave him the independence, confidence and dignity he wasn’t finding elsewhere.

George truly loves his job. He considers the Beyond Vision team part of his family and even invited the entire company to his wedding. That is how much he loves his work and this organization! George also is a great advocate for employment for people with vision loss. Whenever we are giving a tour to a prospective customer, George frequently asks them, “Are you going to bring us more work?”. Georges’ fun-loving attitude and excitement for more work is such a positive influence on our company culture and we’re so happy to have him on our team!

During employee meetings, we can always count on George to be an active member of the conversation and a great cheerleader. When we are discussing new accounts with our employees, George often says things like, “I’m so excited.” and, “I hope that’s something I can work on.”

However, work isn’t everything for George. When George is off the clock, he loves being outside and participating in Blind Outdoor Leisure Development (BOLD) activities. George also loves spending his time with his wonderful wife and is excited to spend the rest of his life with her after he retires.
Everyday George walks through our front door with a smile on his face and ready to work. His hard work ethic, great personality and dedication to our mission has been a huge contribution to Beyond Vision, and we want to thank him for that. It is said the only real disability is a bad attitude. George Washington is a model to us all that if you have a great attitude, you can accomplish most anything.