Beyond Vision


White Cane Day 2021

We will be hosting a media event in front of the 5316 W. State Street building at 9am on October 15th. The event is focused on bringing attention to the White Cane Laws that protect pedestrians who are blind and the serious safety concerns about reckless driving.

Several public officials will be attending to speak out about safe driving and respecting pedestrian rights. More information is here on our website.  We’re inviting you to participate by standing in front of the building as these officials present their proclamations and citations for Beyond Vision. You can help educate others on how they should behave with pedestrians using canes or service dogs. And make everyone aware of the serious dangers reckless driving presents.

This awareness event is also a good way to meet Goal 5!!
If participating, please clock out as you normally would a little before 9am and join us outside.

Stephen and Diana will be coming around on Thursday to answer any questions you may have.

We’re using #WhiteCaneSafetyDay on social media! Make sure to share!



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