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Do you know if your company’s website is accessible?
Have you read about accessibility standards, 508 Compliance and WCAG?

The words inclusion, accessibility and universal design are showing up everywhere. That may not have been the case when your website was being designed.

Government agencies and any companies that do work with the federal government are now required to maintain accessible websites. Many major corporations have had to address accessibility following costly litigation. It’s time to consider a website review.

Beyond Vision can guide you through the process of web compliance. We also provide you usable, proven reporting that can get your company’s website up to the standards we all deserve.

The testing process begins with automated tools that review entire website coding to meet all disability standards. Manual testing is an important part of the testing process. Our low vision team and screen reader users review web pages for usability and work flow.

This work creates more tech job opportunities for people who are blind or visually impaired. Demonstrate your organization’s commitment to corporate responsibility by hiring a team of auditors who are blind and low vision to test your website.

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