Beyond Vision
Photo of Pah Jaw standing in our manufacturing area.

Pah Jaw’s Story

Pah Jaw holds a strong and natural trait of being a protector towards his friends and family. Pah was born and raised in Burma. At the age of 18, Pah became a protector, a fighter and a soldier, protecting the Karen people who lived in the villages. At the age of 22, Pah was assigned a mission that left him with an unforgettable trauma. Eager to protect and complete his mission, Pah unfortunately stepped on a landmine, causing him to lose his entire vision. Nevertheless, Pah continued to look out for his family and in 2010, Pah made the decision to immigrate to the United States. Putting away the unknown fears of cultural differences and shock, Pah continued searching for work to better his life and give his family a better opportunity. Pah states that “looking for work was hard. Until one day, when a worker from the Social Security Administration Office told him about Beyond Vision.” And a little over four years now, Pah has continuously worked hard in assembly and packaging along with government products.

Pah’s two favorite jobs are building sit-stand desks and putting together tool kits. Pah enjoys working at Beyond Vision because it gives people who are blind opportunities to work. Furthermore, Pah enjoys talking with everyone and he really likes everyone who works at Beyond Vision. Pah said, “My conversations with everyone in various departments have really helped improve my English.”

Outside of work, Pah enjoys listening to Karen music, hanging out with his three kids and cooking Karen food such as herbal chicken soup, rice, and noodles. When cooking, Pah says, “You can’t forget a side of Thai chili peppers for that swift of spiciness.”

Lastly, one piece of advice that Pah lives by is that when there is peace and love, the world is a better and happier place.