Beyond Vision

VisABILITY Center Transition – 9//20 Update

Milwaukee Team,

This is an update on our transition to the VisABILITY Center.

Remaining Transition to VisABILITY Center

As you know, we still have about 20 employees working out of the State Street location. We are still working to provide a definite date for these moves. The challenge is determining how to move the remaining production lines to the VisABILITY Center while still meeting our customers’ needs. There is also a logistics challenge with moving the equipment in the machine shop. Once we determine specific move dates, we will provide plenty of lead time to employees. We know that arranging for transportation often takes time.

The below updates are specific to the VisABILITY Center.


Heating and cooling in the facility is controlled by a web-based application. Egon and I have been trained on how to use this app. Dave Rackowski and Rick Zamiatowski will eventually be trained as well. The loud, obnoxious intermittent noises with the system seems to be resolved. If not, please let us know. And if there are concerns about temperature in open, public areas please let us know. And we appreciate your patience. We are new to these systems.

Key Fobs

The key fob system is working as designed, with two exceptions. The door in shipping/receiving that faces north still needs to be set up. Our vendor is aware of this and working on it. Also, the door on the south side of the manufacturing space still needs a piece of hardware. It is not yet set up as it should be. We do not yet have a target date for these issues to be resolved.

Other Security

In addition to the key fob system, there are several security cameras positioned inside and outside of the VisABILITY Center. These cameras are intended to deter security problems. But if an issue arises, assist us and the appropriate authorities with investigating the issue. Egon Ryan Hoffmann, and I have been trained on use of this system. Dave Rackowski will eventually receive this training.


We are still working with our vendor on proper set up of the alarm system. We have a training this week. More information to come with this.


We have finalized our agreement with Eagle Cleaners. They had a staff person in last nigh to do some quick cleaning, including emptying of waste baskets. Eagle has told us that we should have a full crew beginning Wednesday. And they will begin regularly scheduled cleaning. We appreciate everyone pitching in during this transition. And we ask everyone to be mindful of keeping our work areas and public areas clean and tidy.


A representative from our lighting system manufacturer was in last week. He updated firmware to all of our lighting systems. He also trained Egon, Ryan, and I on how to adjust sensors and presets with the system. He will need to return at a later time to assist with default settings in the Open Office space and the Café. Cindy Buss has ordered desk lamps for individuals that requested one. Right now, I have no update on their delivery date.

Fitness Center

We are getting closer to having the fitness center available for employee use. More information should be coming this week.

For now, that’s all. If you have any other questions, please let me know.

Take care,