Beyond Vision

Updates to Prime Pay

Beyond Vision Team:

As you know, you can view and access your pay info and check stubs through your Prime Pay employee account (formerly IOI Pay). If you set up your ESS account when you began your employment at Beyond Vision, please note the following.

As of Thursday April 8th, 2021 Prime Pay will be implementing updates to enhance their security. With this enhancement, all users will be required to reset their password on the first login on or after April 8, 2021.  The guidelines for new password standards will be displayed clearly on the screen for each user.  Additionally, the following guide serves as an easy reference as needed. A reminder that your username is your personal email address.

With this change, we want you to be aware that although the login page/screen will look different, there is no impact to the account or any system functionality.  The web address for the login page will not be impacted; however, you will experience a redirect.  Your bookmarks and shortcuts will continue to function as normal.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Rebecca Arrowood

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