Beyond Vision

Updates on the cafe

Good morning Milwaukee Team,

I am passing on updates on the café and hallway organization from cindy Buss. Thanks to cindy and her committee for working hard to organize these spaces. Please share this information with those who do not have access to email.

  • Two separate Coffee Hotpots and condiment locations.  The second duplicate location added is in the hallway outside the café’, left of the vending machines.  Braille has been added to condiment organizers.
  • Utensil drawers – multiple locations starting later this week.
    • Café, now left of the refrigerator
    • Hallway opposite the café – microwave side, middle drawer and drawer left of the refrigerator to duplicate cafe.
  • Plates –
    • Café – left upper cabinet next to refrigerator and in the drawer beneath the microwave.

Hallway opposite café – in the second and fourth drawers under the microwaves.

Thanks again to those helping to organize the spaces. Thanks to everyone for their patience and flexibility as we continue our transition to the VisABILITY center.