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Update – $2 Pay Premium and Annual Review Process – June 2020

Beyond Vision Announcement 

Hourly Pay Premium and Annual Review Process  – June 15, 2020 

 $2.00 Hourly pay Premium Ending 

As you all know, States have loosened their “Stay At Home” policies.  Nationally and locally, our workforce is slowly returning to the workplace and defining what the “new normal” looks like.  This is occurring at our Beyond Vision locations, as well.  We are doubling down on our efforts to ensure safe and healthy workplaces.  And many employees that have been working from home are beginning to return to our facilities.  

Senior Staff has been monitoring stay at home orders in the states and municipalities where we have operations.  We have decided to end the $2.00 per hour pay premium for hourly employees working at our facilities.   The pay premium will end with the pay period ending Saturday, June 27th.  The pay date for this pay period is Friday, July 3rd.  Employees receiving the premium pay will see it on their July 3rd check.   Their July 17th check will reflect their regular rate of pay.   

We wanted to provide you with this information so you can plan accordingly.  


Annual Review Process 

To say the least, 2020 has been an interesting year so far.  In previous years, we would be in the middle of our annual review process.  Our Senior Staff has been discussing how to best approach reviews this year considering everything else we have had to manage.  After some thoughtful discussion, we have decided to revamp the process as follows: 

  • We will not do a full annual review right now.  We will push the annual review process to December/January.  We hope to make this the permanent home for our annual review process.   
  • Right now, we will be doing another goal review, like we did in January.  Again, this will be an opportunity to review progress made toward your goals and revise/update goals as needed from now until the end of the year.  I will be sending out additional information about the goal review process to your supervisors in a separate e-mail.  We are also considering how each employee has responded to the unique circumstances we have been working through.    
  • We will want this goal review process (including sit-down meetings) to be completed by Friday, July 17th 
  • In spite of the challenges we have faced this fiscal year, it appears that we are performing well enough to have a bonus pool available to pay out bonuses.   The available bonus pool has not yet been decided upon.  But it looks like there should be something.   Individual bonuses will be determined by the available pool, individual progress toward goals, and positive contributions made during the COVID-19 crisis.  Assuming all goes according to plan, our target pay date for bonuses is July 31st.   
  • Individual salary/wage reviews will occur with the annual performance review process in December/January.  

If you have any question, please reach out to Rebecca or me.   

Be well,  


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