Beyond Vision

Senator Johnson Visit Update

Milwaukee Team,

Senator Johnson is still scheduled to visit Beyond Vision this Monday, November 8th at 10:30 a.m. A couple of quick items.


If you are an employee that drives to work, please do not park near the building Monday morning. We want to reserve space for the Senator and other guests. Our friends at Saz’s have given us permission to use their parking lot Monday morning. Please park there.


We plan on providing him a 20-minute tour of the main building. He will then do a 40-minute Q&A. We assume most questions will relate to the AbilityOne Program, COVID policy, and supply chain/labor market issues as well. But if you have other questions, this is a great opportunity to ask them. We are planning on the Q&A to take place in the Briggs area. We will have a portable microphone system set up. All Milwaukee employees are encouraged to be in that area during the Q&A. Even if you do not have a question. Also, be sure to wear your Beyond Vision gear.

Developing a strong relationship with our Congressional leaders is critical to the success of the AbilityOne Program and Beyond Vision. There are a great number of issues that impact our program at the federal level. We are part of an effort to transform the AbilityOne program so it can grow and meet the needs of a 21st century workforce. Attached is a one page document crated by NIB that provides an overview of AbilityOne transformation.

We want to “wow” the Senator. And we always accomplish this by being ourselves. I know we will all do a great job on Monday .

Have a great weekend. And thank you all for your Mission First efforts.

Take care,


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