Beyond Vision

Security Matter

Milwaukee Team,

This morning, an employee reported to us that they were receiving threatening phone calls from an individual not associated with Beyond Vision.  While these threats were directed to an individual and not Beyond Vision itself, we wanted to be cautious, and we contacted the Milwaukee Police Department.  Officers were dispatched to Beyond Vision, took the employee’s statement, and will follow up with the individual making the threats.

We wanted you all to be aware of this matter.  And remember to be mindful of safety and security.  Guests should always arrive via the main entrances.  Exit doors should remain locked and secure during our business hours.  And deliveries should come through shipping and receiving.  If you see anything or anyone suspicious around our Milwaukee buildings, please contact your supervisor, Rebecca, or me.  Based upon our discussion with MPD, no further precautions are needed at this time.

Take care,


posted February 16, 2022

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