Beyond Vision

Officially Beyond Vision

Dear Beyond Vision Employees,

Beyond Vision has enjoyed a long history beginning as the Wisconsin Workshop for the Blind in 1903. The organization was renamed Wiscraft Inc. in 1985 when it separated from the State of Wisconsin to become a fully funded social enterprise. Associated Industries for the Blind, Inc. was created in 1997 when the BSC at Great Lakes was opened. Finally, Beyond Vision was formed when Wiscraft, Inc. and Associated Industries for the Blind, Inc. merged in 2013. You can learn more about our history at

Even though we have operated under the name Beyond Vision since 2013, the corporate name was never legally changed. To simplify and prevent confusion, effective 10-1-2020, Wiscraft, Inc. is legally known as Beyond Vision, Inc. and Associated Industries for the Blind as Beyond Vision – AIB, Inc.

You may wonder why we continue to operate as two legal entities. Good question. The main reason is because of the Wisconsin state insurance programs we retained when Wiscraft separated from the State. Those benefits are only applicable to Wisconsin residents.

Contract language and other official documentation will need to be adjusted because of the name change, but very little will change in our day to day operations. We will continue to operate as one company and as one team.

Most importantly, our mission remains the same. We will continue to provide high quality service and products to our customers while giving opportunities for employment and upward mobility to those who are blind or visually impaired.

Thank you for being a part of Beyond Vision and its mission. I look forward to continuing this work in the future.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about this change.


Jim Kerlin
President and CEO

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