Beyond Vision

Office Transition – Week 2

Wave 1,2, and 3 Team Members –

Below are some updates on our transition.  For your reference, below is the email I sent out last week.  First, let’s welcome the members of Wave 3, the in-person Customer Care Team.  They started at the VisABILITY Center yesterday. Other pertinent information:

Manufacturing Space

Employees in the manufacturing space have started t use the employee entrance.  It has taken us a little longer to get the yellow, tactile strips in place to assist with wayfinding.  About halve of the main aisle is complete.  This afternoon, we will be putting up stanchions on a temporary basis to provide wayfinding for the main, center aisle that leads to the hallway near the Café.  We will be breaking down the temporary break area in manufacturing.  And manufacturing team members can begin utilizing the Café for breaks.  Ryan has communicated this with the team.


Our lighting vendor was in this week.  There appears to be a “firmware” issue with the lighting system.  We are working with them to get the “firmware” updated so we can adjust settings and eliminate some of the goofy issues we have been having with the lighting.  For those employees that would like a desk (task) light for their desk, we have sourced a light we can provide employees, if needed.  If you would like one of these lights, you can contact Cindy Buss.  We have one light to choose from.


We are making progress with heating/cooling.  But we are not there yet.  Our vendor, Martin Systems is on site today figuring out the intermittent loud “jet engine” noise in the Cafe and other parts of the building.  The temperature in the Café is better.  But some adjustments need to be made.  It is important that the divider wall for the Café and the Multi-Purpose room remain closed.  And it is also important to keep doors for large spaces “buttoned up.”  This will help the HVAC system run properly.  And will also keep our energy costs lower.  The thermostat for the Open Office space was set to 73 degrees  Hopefully, this is a better setting.

Wave 4 and 5

We still do not have definitive dates for our final two waves.  Our “Ambassadors” Team will be hosting an exploration session next Friday after the Friday morning production shift.  We are inviting the team still on State Street to participate in this voluntary event.  Anyone in manufacturing that would like to participate can do so, as well.


We are finalizing our agreement with Eagle Cleaners.  Hopefully, they will be starting soon.  Thanks to everyone that has been pitching in.  I know members of the Procurement team have helped changed waste baskets in some public areas.  And overall, we have been keeping the new space tidy.  Thanks to all that are pitching in.

Office Furniture

Some people have been asking for additional furniture items for offices and workstations.  In particular, file storage.  We are going to hold off on any additions or modifications to the base furniture we purchased  and installed.  We will be repurposing some of the better items from the other building.  But for now, we want to challenge ourselves to scrutinize what we need to store.  In particular, paper files.  During the Kaizen Event in June, that team reviewed our sales order process.  And the use of paper and working outside of our systems was identified as a huge time and communication waste.  And as we begin to move forward with changes to that process, we will look to reduce the use of paper and communication outside of NetSuite.

That’s it for this week.  Let me know if you have any questions o other items we are not aware of..

Thanks to you all!