Beyond Vision

New Payroll System

Beyond Vision Team:

As previously mentioned we are moving to a new HR and payroll system known as Paycom.

We will be working with our Paycom team this week to provide training on this new system. We will be having individuals begin punching into the new system Monday November 15, 2021.

For those who have access to a Beyond Vision e-mail/computer, I will be sending out several calendar invites following this message for the training dates/times. The training will be completed via zoom.

The structure of the training will be Employee first (20-25 minutes) and then a Manager training (20-25) following.

– Employee Training
o Cover how to login
o Clocking in and Out
o Requesting time off
o How to update Information/Navigate system
o Help menu

– Manager Training
o Logging in
o Where to View and Approve Employee Timecards
o How to approve Punch Change Requests & Time off Requests
o Notifications

Please try to join one of the trainings. We will also be recording these trainings for future reference.

You will receive your login credentials Thursday this week but do not need them to attend the training.

For those working in production, we will be providing one on one training starting Thursday this week. Israel, Rebecca and Jennifer will be working with individuals to learn how to punch in and out.

Monday morning at the beginning of shifts Rob and Rebecca will be onsite to help individuals punch in.

Please reach out to Rob or Rebecca with any questions.


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