Beyond Vision

MCTS Changes beginning August 29, 2021

Milwaukee Team,

The final phase of MCTS NEXT will impact Route 64 service for Beyond Vision staff.  Of note:

  1. The Route 64 name will be retired.
  2. A new, longer Route 60 will serve N. and S. 60th Street and Hawley Road.
  3. The special northbound trips that make the extra stop at State & Hawley near Beyond Vision will be different:
    1. Of the three morning trips that make the extra stop, two will start at S. 60th & Greenfield and head north on Hawley (arriving around 5:45AM and 6:20AM)
    2. The other morning trip will start near Southridge and head north on S. 60th and Hawley (arriving around 6:05AM)
    3. Afternoon trips will continue north—they no longer turn around at Vliet & N. 60th, so riders will have to transfer at some point to a southbound Route 60 trip (some of which terminate at Greenfield, others continue south to Southridge).  These three trips will arrive at State & Hawley around 3:45PM, 4:15PM and 5:15PM.

Here is the Route 60 MCTS NEXT information page and video:

Jeff Sponcia from MCTS will be joining us tomorrow at 1:30 p.m. to go over these changes and answer questions you may have.  We strongly recommend that employees that use MCTS participate in this presentation right after our meeting.  Jeff will be presenting virtually.

Take care,


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