Beyond Vision

Beyond Vision employees –

Last Thursday, the Centers for Disease Control came out with new guidelines about wearing masks.  We are excited that we are moving in a positive direction with the pandemic.    But we are still moving forward with caution and diligence.  All Beyond Vision’s COVID protocols will remain in place for now.   This includes wearing masks in Beyond Vision facilities, as outlined in our policies.

We are still trying to learn how this new information from CDC relates to State and local mandates.  Plus, we want to ensure our work environments remain safe and healthy as we continue to open up.  Trust me, all of us are anxiously awaiting when we can get rid of these masks.  I’ve already purchased the matches for my mask burning party.  But we need to be patient and continue to approach this issue with care and thoughtfulness.

We will provide an update later this week.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me or Rebecca.

Many thanks,