Beyond Vision

Lunchroom Change August 2020

Milwaukee Team,

Notice of changes being made in the upstairs lunchroom in Milwaukee’s main plant:

  • The refrigerator was moved from the vending machine room to the south wall of the lunchroom.
  • The two vending machines in the vending machine room were spread apart.  These were done as a result of a suggestion to help relieve congestion during lunch (thanks Jackie).
  • Plastic dividers are being added to the lunchroom tables to help in social distancing.  Each table will get a plastic divider to help separate people sitting at the same table.  People are to sit on opposite sides of the table, not next to each other.  “X’s” have been taped on the tables, and chairs removed, where people are not to sit.

Special Shout Out to Mike Newman and his wife Angie for supplying the Powerade and Gatorade refreshments we have been enjoying for the last few hot months.  Please take the time to thank Mike for his generosity and thoughtfulness.

Rob Buettner