Beyond Vision

Growing Pains

Team Beyond Vision,

The good news is we are growing, even during a pandemic. We are blessed to be able to say that when so many companies have been negatively impacted or shut down entirely.

Here at Beyond Vision we expect ourselves to provide near perfect quality and on time delivery for our customers. Without compromise, our corporate goals are less than 500 parts per million (PPM) quality (that’s the same as 99.95% quality) and at least 98% on time delivery (OTD). These goals do not change because we are growing or have personnel challenges.

As a result of our growth combined with staffing challenges in production and in shipping and receiving, we are experiencing some growing pains that are effecting our pick-pack quality and delivery performance, especially for our government product lines. We are also entering the peak season of government products demand and sales which lasts through September. Due to these factors, we are making some interim structural changes to insure we continue to serve our customers with excellence in the manner they deserve.

Effective immediately, Dave Rackowski will shift his focus from Production management to focus on shoring up our Shipping & Receiving functions. Dave has a strong background in logistics and is the best human capital we have to get this resolved. Will Mendez will continue to report to Dave Rackowski. Dave will work with Will and others as needed to insure our quality and OTD are sustainably meeting our goals for all commercial and government customers and product lines. Dave will also continue to oversee our Facilities and Preventative Maintenance, with Rick Zamiatowski reporting to him as before. Egon Muelder will remain Dave’s supervisor.

On an interim basis and effective immediately, Egon Muelder will directly oversee A&P commercial and government products production in the main facility. Egon will insure that both our quality and delivery goals are meet across the board. Simultaneously, we will begin a search for a new A&P Production Manager. If anyone has any outside recommendations for this role, please let me or Rob Buettner know.

Sheryl Krueger will report directly to Egon working to coordinate production. Gary Gundlach will continue to report to Egon. On an interim basis, Ishmell Green will report directly to me on Quality and Delivery.

This structure is temporary and will be revisited at a later date. We will reassess the situation once we have a new production leader on board and up to speed. At that time, we will consider the best structure going forward until we are able to relocate to the VisABILITY Center. Another reevaluation will occur next year when we are all under one roof.

I had a boss and mentor that had a sign above his credenza that said, “Rule No. 1: The customer is always right. Rule No. 2: When the customer is wrong…see Rule No. 1”. I believe in this philosophy and hope all of you do too. Here at Beyond Vision we all ‘do what it takes’ on behalf of our customers and our overall mission.


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