Beyond Vision

Goal Review July 2022

Beyond Vision Team,

Happy Fiscal New Year!   As most of you know, our 2021-22 fiscal year ended on June 30th.   Thank you all for your efforts this past fiscal year.  And we are looking forward to an exciting and opportunity rich 2022-23.   At our July employee meeting, we will provide more information on our performance this past year  in our three key organizational metrics: Mission, Revenue, and Margin.

At this point, we are kicking off our Goal Review process for the individual goals we established during our annual review process in January.   Between now and July 30th, all employees (pay rolled through Beyond Vision or a staffing agency) will have a sit-down meeting with their direct supervisor.   At this meeting, you will:

  • Review the goals that you established in January (or since January).
  • Provide a status update on the progression toward goals.
  • Modify or update goals, if necessary.

This process is intended to be an interactive process with your manager.  Each employee will establish five goals.  The first three goals are work specific.  The fourth goal is a professional development goal.  The final goal (“Goal 5”), focuses on service and activity within the blindness community.

Managers will receive a separate communication with more details on the process including writing SMART goals.  We also will be reviewing the GROW method for developing people.  And how leaders can incorporate the GROW philosophy with writing goals and the overall development of people.

As we begin the goal review process, it is natural to be curious about annual discretionary bonuses.  We will have more information to share about annual discretionary bonuses before our July employee meeting.

Again, thanks for all your dedication and hard work this past year.   And your commitment to our Mission.

Take care,