Beyond Vision

Exercise Equipment Survey


As part of the Accessibility Team we did a survey on what types of equipment you would be interested in using for our new exercise room at the VisAbility Center.

Results are below.  The Accessibility Team will review these results and make decisions on equipment to purchase.

Thank you all for your feedback.


Exercise Room Equipment Survey Number 1 to 7 in order of importance
Exercise Bike 3
Treadmill 1
Rowing Machine 6
Weights 5
Elliptical 2
Cable Machine for full body workout 4
Other (write in) 7
For Other (write in) the top contenders were as follows:
Punching Bag 1
Peloton with screen reader 2
Heavy balls 3
Individual Exercise Mats 4
Massage chair
Leg Press


Posted January 18, 2022

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