Beyond Vision

Milwaukee Team,

This week, NIB and NAEPB are hosting their virtual Public Policy Forum.   Our hope was that our 2020 Employee of the Year and Career Achievement Award nominees would have been able to travel to Washington D.C. and participate in various activities in-person.  Due to the pandemic, an in-person conference was not possible.  But we are not going to let COVID-19 prevent us from meeting with  our Congressional delegation or from celebrating the achievements of Jed Moss and Sarah Heesen.    Today and tomorrow, they are participating in some virtual activities including a virtual tour of the Smithsonian and a guided tour of Ford Theatre.

As part of our celebration this week, we have brought in donuts this morning for all to enjoy.  They can be found in the kitchen and lunchroom of the main building and in the CCC lunch room.

Again, congratulations to Jed and Sarah.  We hope that this fall, we can again travel to D.C. to honor our 2021 nominees (Mike Newman, Betty Lau, and Israel Cazares).

Many thanks,