Beyond Vision

COVID – Let’s Keep Focused

Beyond Vision Team,

There is good news with COVID statistics over the past month.  Vaccines are being distributed.   People can attend limited capacity public events.  These are all great indicators.

However, we are still following CDC guidelines at all our facilities.  We need to continue to maintain the great way we have all responded to this pandemic.  Some reminders:

  • If you are experiencing COVID symptoms, stay home.
  • Contact Rebecca if you have any questions about our COVID response plan.
  • Maintain a six-foot distance from others.
  • Masks should be always worn in public areas or if you are not able to maintain the 6-foot social distance guideline.  In Milwaukee, masks should always be worn in the manufacturing area.

Finally,  there continue to be a wide variety of personal feelings and experiences when it comes to the pandemic.  We all have done a great job respecting each other and the Response Plan.  Keep it up.  We all have COVID burnout.   But let’s keep working together through this.  And hope we are getting close to a point where we can begin to relax some guidelines.

Many thanks,


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