Beyond Vision

COVID 2021

Beyond Vision Team,

Happy New Year!   The calendar has flipped from 2020 to 2021.  While 2020 is in the rear view mirror, COVID is still part of our present and foreseeable future.  We continue to be impressed with everyone’s commitment to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.   We all have COVID fatigue.  But we still need to remain vigilant.  Maintain the social distancing, frequent hand washing, and properly waring our masks.

One area of risk reduction that has not been talked much about during this pandemic is self-care.   A healthy body, mind, and spirit are important factors in reducing the risk of illness, including the COVID virus.  The New Year is a popular time to try to establish new and healthier habits.  This includes increasing activity, improving diet, quitting smoking, reducing alcohol consumption, and effectively managing stress and mental health.  If you have not had a physical in over a year, set one up.  If you are looking for ways to enhance mind and spirit, contact the Employee Assistance Program available to all of you.  Aurora EAP can be accessed by calling 1-800-236-3231.  They have the resources to help you get started.

Keep up the great work!


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