Beyond Vision

Attendance Phone Line

Milwaukee Team,

As many of you know, we have been experiencing some problems with the attendance line disconnecting calls when trying to reach your department. We believe we have identified the issue as the voice prompt feature we were trying to implement. For this reason, the voice prompts have now been disabled and you will need to use your keypad to enter a number.

Simply press the number of the department you want at any time during the recording to be transferred and leave your message. Here are the numbers to choose from for your convenience.

1 A & P main building reporting to Bill Cain
2 Contact Center reporting to DeLonna Williams3 Machine Shop reporting to Kevin Allen
4 Shipping reporting to Dave Rackowski
5 VisABILITY Center reporting to Ryan Hoffmann

If you are still experiencing difficulty using the attendance line, please let your supervisor know. Thank you all, and have a wonderful weekend!


Posted April 8, 2022

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