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Active Shooter Policy

Milwaukee Team,

It may seem like a lifetime ago, but back in February of this year, an active shooter event occurred at Miller-Coors.  This shook our community and was way too close for comfort for those of us that work in the Milwaukee facilities.  Since that time we have been working on an Active Shooter and Emergency Action Plan for our employees in Milwaukee.  Managing COVID delayed the process, but we were determined to complete it.  A lot of thought and input went into this policy and plan.  Our Senior Staff, Safety Committee, and insurance broker all provided valuable feedback.  Rebecca Arrowood and Lani Knutson also were key in developing the policy and plan.

Here is a link to a PDF summary of the policy and plan.  The complete 14-page document may be found at:

G:\SHARED FILES\HR – Public\Health and Safety

We plan to provide training sessions for all employees in November and December.   Review of this plan will also become part of our new hire onboarding process. We also plan to have regular drills, similar to our severe weather and fire drills.

If you have any questions about the policy and plan, please reach out to me or Rebecca.

Many thanks,