Beyond Vision

2020 W-2s

Beyond Vision Team,

Soon we will be distributing 2020 W-2’s.  For those of you that were here in April of 2020, you will recall that we were the victim of a phishing e-mail that compromised our 2019 W-2’s.   And in working with specialist in this area, the FBI, and IRS we believe the primary goal of the attackers was to file fraudulent tax  returns.   Unfortunately, when we  went to file our 2019 taxes, some of us learned that an unauthorized party had already filed a tax return.   As we  shared in April, the best way to prevent an unauthorized return from being filed on your behalf is to complete your tax return and file it as soon as possible.

Again, this year, we encourage you all to file your 2020 taxes as soon as possible .  There has been no data breech of our 2020 information.  And we have no information to lead us to believe that anyone will run into any filing issues this year.  But we want to proceed on the side of caution.  Again, we recommend that as soon as you have all your tax documents, prepare your return and file as soon as possible.  Even if you were not part of the data breech, it is good practice to file sooner than later.  Due to the COVID situation, phishing and cyber-attacks continue to a challenge.  And filing false tax returns is a common attack by the bad actors.

Thank you to all employees for your work and diligence in keeping our information and systems safe.  And a special thanks to Tony Creapeau in IT for the implementation and maintenance of our cybersecurity training platform.  As we know from the training, the best way to minimize the risk of another cyberattack is to have well  trained users on our systems.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me.

Many thanks,