Beyond Vision

2020 Promotions

Beyond Vision Board and Employees,

This is to formally announce a series of Beyond Vision organizational changes and promotions.

Rob Buettner is promoted to VP – HR & Business Services.  Rob has done an excellent job leading our HR activities, which he will continue to do.  He will also continue to oversee the Customer Care Center business unit.  The mission of Beyond Vision has benefited greatly from Rob’s leadership to win the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance call service program for the state of Wisconsin Unemployment Division.  This program created jobs for 40-45 people at Beyond Vision and at 5 sister nonprofit agencies in different states across the country.

Stacy Fuehrer continues as Customer Service Representative.  Stacy coordinates our inside sales and customer service and will report to Rob Buettner and the Sales Leadership Team as a whole. We plan to cross-train others for inside sales and customer service. This structure change will enable that strategy and is a precursor to centralizing all customer service to lower total overhead in the future.

Roger Adkins is promoted to VP – Base Supply Centers.  Roger is well deserving of the promotion having continued to sustain the Base Supply Center business unit in the face of a more challenging market environment.  As you know, all brick-and-motor retail business models are being challenged and our BSCs are no exception.  Under Roger’s leadership we are positioned to grow in a new category of sales via a program called Defense Logistics Agency-Troop Logistics Support (DLA-TLS).  Currently our BSC orders are often limited by government credit card spending and approval limits.  This new program presents Beyond Vision access to bid on large DLA-TLS orders, each more than $10K and financed via defense appropriation funding.  Roger is also working on potentially opening new BSCs at 2 new locations.

Jessica Humphrey will continue as e-Commerce Marketing Manager reporting to Roger. There will be metrics for incremental sales growth via e-commerce on a continuing basis.  As with conventional business development and fund development, there will be metrics for both activity and results performance expectations.

Each of the BSC Managers will continue to report to Roger with the business development reporting responsibility to the Sales Leadership Team.  Carlos Rosario continues as Operations Manager – BSCs reporting to Roger.  The open position BSC Services and New BSCs Coordinator will also report to Roger.

The Sales and Marketing leader position, formerly held by Linda Klean, has been eliminated in lieu of a team approach to business development and its leadership. The business development sales staff will have dual reporting to their respective business unit leader and the Sales Leadership Team as a whole.  The Sales Leadership Team is comprised of the BU leaders (Roger Adkins, Rob Buettner, Linda Klean, and Egon Muelder) as well Dennis Martin, Diana Voigt and myself.   This team will assess the business development prospecting activities and results on a monthly basis.  There will be an ongoing performance metrics for both activities and results for each of the 4 business unit categories (Commercial Products (A&P and Machine Shop), Government Products, Customer Care Center, and Base Supply Centers) as well as for Fund Development.

At my request several months ago, Linda Klean stepped up to lead our Government Products business unit (BU) on an interim basis.  She’s done a terrific job of assimilating the role quickly.  Linda has embraced the opportunity to assume this position on a permanent basis and is being promoted to Director – Government Products.

Ryan Hoffman will continue as Government Products Production Manager reporting to Linda Klean.  Ryan’s reports and responsibilities remain unchanged.  Gene Hubbard and Loveth Omafuaire will continue to report to Linda Klean.

Scott Hegle is being promoted to Business Development Professional – Government Products, reporting to the Sales Leadership Team.

Sarah Heesen will be promoted to assume the Business Development Professional – Customer Care Center role with a target date of 1/1/20201.    After that time Sarah will also be reporting to the Sales Leadership Team.   We will be back-filling Sarah’s current Talent Coordinator position as soon as possible, with preference for a qualified mission candidate as usual.

Linda Hapka continues as Business Development Professional – Commercial and reporting to the Sales Leadership Team.

Diana Voigt is promoted to Leader of Marketing & Fund Development reporting direct to me.  She will become a member of the senior staff leadership team.  Diana’s work over the past several years has dramatically increased our brand presence and the market’s awareness of our mission and capabilities.   Diana will continue to oversee our marketing activities.  We will be hiring a Marketing Specialist to take over the day-to-day activities that Diana has been doing.  Diana will also oversee fund development and be the focal point of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) development activity database and reporting.  She will organize and facilitate regular status meetings for business development for each business unit category and fund development.

Nick Czaplewski continues as Manager – Fund Development reporting to Diana.  Guillermo Baena continues as Fund Development Professional and continues to report to Nick.  Barbara Velez, who leads our capital campaign, will continue to work with the Fund Development Committee, now consisting of our board member Eric Schumann as Chair, Barbara Velez, Diana Voigt, Nick Czaplewski, and Guillermo Baena.

Egon Muelder will continue as Director – Commercial Business Unit.  Egon’s responsibilities will remain unchanged.  The Commercial Business Unit is supporting all our commercial Assembly and Packaging and Machine Shop services.  Dave Rackowski will continue to oversee Commercial A&P, and Randy Mittelstedt will continue to oversee Commercial Machine Shop, both reporting to Egon. Egon will also continue to oversee the operations shared services of Logistics and Facilities led by Dave Rackowski, Engineering led by Gary Gundlach, and Quality led by Ishmell Green.  These shared service staff members will continue to support all the business units with impartiality.

Dennis Martin will continue in his current roles of CFO reporting to me.  Kelly Draves will continue as Controller reporting to Dennis.  Bill King will continue to support Dennis via coordination of IT Help Desk activities and IT infrastructure updates.  All other finance and IT reporting structure remains unchanged.

Cindy Buss is promoted to Director – Procurement reporting to me.  Cindy and her staff have done a terrific job of taking over all Machine Shop procurement as well as supporting the start-up of our Urban Operations Kits (UOK) and Refrigeration Tool Kits (RTK) programs.   We will be hiring a new Buyer reporting to Cindy to support the DLA-TLS initiative and other procurement activities per Cindy’s direction.

Last, but certainly not least, Lani Knutson is promoted to Executive Assistant, reporting to me.  Lani did a great job of supporting our HR administration and cross training Rebecca Arrowood for those skills.  Lani has also been doing an amazing job of supporting my administrative support needs.  Going forward Lani will play an important role in supporting the administrative aspects of project management for the VisABILTY Center campus.

Please take time to congratulate Rob, Roger, Linda, Scott, Sarah, Diana, Cindy, and Lani on their much-deserved promotions.

I’ve attached a file with what the new org chart looks like in conventional org structure form.


Jim Kerlin

President and CEO

Beyond Vision Future Org Chart 2020-07-28